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Matt Reppert: Back To The Drawing Board

Sit down class, I SAID SIT. DOWN. Now that we’ve got everyone in here, let’s start out with Math, not Algebra or anything, oh no, we’re keeping it simple today, today everyone we’re going to start out with numbers, this … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Union v. Seattle Sounders

“Seattle Invented Philadelphia Union Losses“

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Philadelphia Union v. Seattle Sounders

Scoreless in Seattle… Or… How The Union Got Their DOOP Back The Philadelphia Union are back on top of the Eastern Conference with HUGE win over the Seattle Sounders at Century Link Field.  The “U” have two regular season matches left … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Union v. Seattle Sounders

So close!  We were SO close!  The Ghost of 2010 returned to PPL Park on Saturday as the UNION conceded with only seconds left on the clock.   On the plus side the team played INCREDIBLY well in the WORST of conditions…  … Continue reading

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Seattle Invented…

  In case you hanen’t heard the Seattle Sounders and it’s Supporters have invented EVERYTHING!  To quote a famous scholar on BigSoccer.com, “Seattle invented claiming Seattle invented things.” One thing we can ALL agree on… WE ALL HATE REDBULL!  Seattle claims to have invented HATING … Continue reading

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