Same Old Song And Chant(s)

This past weekend at PPL Park helped drive home a painfully obvious point.  Every Supporters Group in the MLS is singing the same exact songs & chants.

We in Section 133 are in a very unique position in PPL Park.  We sit right inbetween the Sons of Ben in the River End and the visiting Away Support of every other Club in the MLS.  It makes for a really amazing atmosphere, but lately it has meant hearing the same songs coming from HOME & AWAY support with only the team name or jersey colors changed in the songs.  90 minutes of both sides singing the same songs has left the atmosphere a little less than electric as of late.

We have almost one month inbetween home matches at PPL Park and I am hoping that we can do something to bring in some new chants to PPL Park and even bring back some old chants that are uniquely Philadelphia.

This is not about blaming any specific people or Supporters Group in the River End/River Corner.  This is about acknowledging a potential problem and working at a solution. 

p.s. Sons Of Ben in The River End.  We sit ABOVE and BEHIND you and can’t always hear you very well (Neither can the Away Support) due to that.  Any chance of getting a drum in Section 134? It would help us sync up with the rest of you.

Here are some chant/song SUGGESTIONS take them with a grain of salt… What I would REALLY love is to hear some chant/song ideas from YOU.  The trick is to keep them short and sweet and set them to a familiar tune.  This will make them easy to learn and therefore more likely to catch on.

Union Maid

“Oh You Can’t Scare Me I’m Sticking To The Union.. I’m Sticking To The Union.. I’m Sticking To The Union.. Oh You Can’t Scare Me I’m Sticking To The Union.. I’m Sticking To The Union.. Til The Day I Die”


Adu Adu Adu Adu.. A-DU! A-DU! Adu Adu Adu Adu.. A-DU! A-DU!

Four Leaf Clover

(To Be Song Randomly Not At 20:10)

“I’m Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover That I Overlooked Before.. One Is For Sunshine The Other For Rain.. Third For The Roses That Grow In The Lane.. No Use Explaining The One Remaining Is Someone That I Adore..  I’m Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover That I Overlooked Before!”

Roll The Union On

“We’re Gonna Roll.. We’re Gonna Roll.. We’re Gonna Roll The Union On.. We’re Gonna Roll.. We’re Gonna Roll.. We’re Gonna Roll The Union On!”

Union Town

“Take A Look Around This Is A Union Town 1, 2, 3, 4 Let’s Go!This Is A Union Town A Union Town All Down The Line.. And If You Come To Strip Three Points Away We’ll Give Them Hell Every Time.. This Is A Union Town A Union Town All Day The Line.”

Honorable Mention (Needs Team Specific Lyrics)

Winnie The Pooh

Why isn’t there a Freddy Adu Chant to this tune already?!

There Is Power In A Union

“The Union Forever Defending Our Rights..
Down With The Right Wing, All Workers Unite..
With Our Brothers And Our Sisters From Many Far Off Lands
There Is Power In A Union.”

Specifically For Those In Section133

Battle Hymn Of The IllegitimateS

“We’re The IllegitimateS We Sit In 133.. We’re The IllegitimateS We Sit In 133.. We’re The IllegitimateS We Sit In 133 And This Is What We Sing! We Defend The River Corner.. We Defend The River Corner.. We’ll Defend The Blue & Gold Til We’re 6 Feet Deep And Cold As the UNION Marches On!”

JeffreyM (@Section133)

About Section133

A Group for Supporters of the Philadelphia Union in PPL Park section 133. Our Purpose is to Defend Section 133 from the AWAY Supporters of ALL other MLS Clubs.
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16 Responses to Same Old Song And Chant(s)

  1. Michael says:

    The tune is to “My Darling Clementine.” Hopefully this could be used when we are winning or won,,

    Oh my Union, oh my union,
    Oh my union, blue and gold.
    Thou will fight and win forever,
    Dreadful sorry, _(Which ever team we are playing that week, such as NJ Redbulls or United)__.

    I think something else would have to begin the chant before the chorus, but its just a simple idea i haven’t heard an other clubs sing yet. Also i sat in 134 and we could barely hear the drums. It would be awesome to have section leaders again to communicate what the rest of the supporters are singing.

  2. Bear says:

    “I walk beside you
    Wherever you are
    Whatever it takes
    No matter how far

    Through all that may come
    And all that may go
    I walk beside you
    I walk beside you”

  3. Jason Clayton says:

    I was always a fan of taking the du-du-du part from the end of Just Can’t Get Enough and adding a player to the end. Danny Califf would have worked perfectly…I know Liverpool does this with Luis Suarez but just whenever someone randomly does something good, we whip out the du-du-du part and add their name

    • andrewstoltzfus says:

      Jason, I’ve been trying to get this going with Roger Torres’ name for about two years now. Definitely agree.

  4. Liam Connaughton says:

    It’s not the songs that are making the atmosphere less than electric. Is what Nowak has done to this team, and the fans who were loyal to its players. Nowak has to go before any wounds heal and we get the enthusiasm back like last year!

    • JJ says:

      Poor excuse. Le Toux didn’t like Nowak, but he never let that affect his work rate when he walked into PPL – don’t let it affect yours.

  5. Rich says:

    Take some chants from europe then……

    Fuck off back to (insert place of origin here),

  6. Steve L. says:

    I agree, and have said it before that the SOB’s/Union need to hand out lyrics at the gate. It may help get the rest of the stadium involved. Some one in my section tried to do it themselves and half the section looked at him like he was a blow hard. But I think if it came from the U or an established group like the SOB’s it would help. But do agree we need something of our own

  7. stalegum says:

    This is pretty catchy:

    “STAND UP … if you hate New York,
    Stand up … if you hate New York,
    stand up … if you hate New York,

    You can also substitute New York with “D.C.,” “The Crew,” “The Revs,” et al.

  8. JJ says:

    “Any chance of getting a drum in Section 134? It would help us sync up with the rest of you.”

    Actually, no, it wouldn’t. I’ve worked in and around marching bands and drumlines most of my life, and I can tell you that randomly placing drummers throughout TRE will NOT solve a problem with synchronization. The key to producing a louder more synchronized beat out of multiple drums is placing them together, not further apart. The further apart they are, the harder it becomes for the drummers to play in time together which, in turn, makes it harder for those playing / singing / chanting to hear and follow along. The key to keeping a large group together isn’t necessarily the audio, but rather the visual – e.g.: a conductor, drum major, capo, etc. visible to the ENTIRE group (maybe with a few assistants closely following the lead), or a visual cue on a large sign (or even the scoreboard).

    Properly tuned drums can also help – TRE drums sound like they could use a good tune-up – as can different types of drums (snares, tenor, bass, marching vs. concert, etc.)

  9. Mohl says:

    I’ve been trying to adapt the nightman/dayman song from Sunny into a Union chant. I had it down pat for Califf………… but ahhh i guess he’s gone now……. So we can just change it to valdez if Danny is indeed gone…. which I must say it absolutely ridiculous.

    Califf/Valdez OHHHH OHHHH OH
    Captain of the Union OHHHH OHHHH OH
    Champion of the Defense OHHHH OHHHH OH
    He’s a master of Karate and Friendship for everyone!

    Thoughts? Support?

  10. HereIsMyHandle says:


    Love it!!!!

  11. Abcde says:

    how about a “we-hate-nowak. clap, clap, calp-clap-clap” chant? perfect….

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