Benjamin Franklin Mitchell – Homegrown Player

Taller Than Torres.. Pfaster Than Pfeffer.. Rhymes With More Things Than A Big Orange GoalKeeper!

It’s been a little over a year since we’ve checked in with Homegrown Player Benjamin Franklin Mitchell.  We found Ben at the Philadelphia Union v. NE Revolution RESERVE match at Chester.  He was on the sideline literally crying about not being named to the starting XI when we first approached him.  It wasn’t the most composed moment of his short career, but we did respect his strong desire to play.

During the second half Ben was so upset with not being subbed on that he needed to be moved over to train with Coach Peter Nowak and the Philadelphia Union 1st Team.  As you can see from the training video below Ben is having a SERIOUS problem with HandBall infractions, but never underestimate the power of the hand.  Thierry Henry used one hand to launch France into World Cup 2010… and Diego Maradona used one hand in  the QuarterFinal of World Cup 1986 and they crowned him a “god” and later a World Cup Champion.

… Or maybe he was just practicing his LOOOOONG throw-ins so he can be the next Sheanon Williams. #BOOM

Godspeed Young Benjamin Franklin Mitchell.. The Future Of The Philadelphia Union Is In Your Hands!

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2 Responses to Benjamin Franklin Mitchell – Homegrown Player

  1. Rich says:

    Maybe he thought “I should start practicing my throw ins at this point during practice.”

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