Rich Ransom: I Want That Trophy

I want to be Kings of the Northeast. I want to be the best team on I-95. I want the Atlantic Cup.

What’s the Atlantic Cup? It is a Supporters rivalry trophy given to the winner of a set of games between the DC United and Red Bull New York.  The two clubs play a number of matches throughout the season and the team with the best record wins the beautiful trophy above.

As of right now it’s just the two teams and the competition has kind of lost it’s spark. Both sets of Supporters and the teams themselves have said that it’s not considered important to them anymore. So I propose a change. And that’s adding both the PhiladelphiaUnion and the New England Revolution to the tournament. Winner gets the Cup and the bragging rights to claim that they’re The KINGS OF THE ATLANTIC!

I know what are you asking, “Why get involved in a tournament with our dreaded rivals DC, NE, and RBNY?” One answer: bragging rights… with a trophy. Don’t you want something to shiny to rub into our rivals faces and say “Look what we got?”  Sure it’s fun to go to RFK and say their stadium is falling down. Sure it’s fun to go to Red Bull Arena and say its empty (to the plastic seat next to you).  And sure it’s fun go to Foxborough and say to the Revs that we Support the Fort more than their owner. But wouldn’t all of that be a little bit sweeter with a shiny cup?

More importantly we would join the the list of MLS Rivalry Cups. The Cascadia Cup, the SuperClasico, the Lamar Hunt Pioneer Cup, etc… all bring about that extra bit of emotion into the rivalries of their perspective clubs. Even the Amway Canadian Championship (even though it’s not technically an MLS sanctioned event) the pride it brings to their supporters in knowing their team is better than their fellow Canadian rivals is fantastic. That’s what would make an event like the Atlantic Cup great.

Don’t believe it? Look at the emotion the Sounders fans have when they won the Cascadia Cup last season. Look at how Galaxy Supporters taunting their cross stadium neighbors Chivas USA. Even Real Salt Lake can poke fun on how they’re going to protect the Rocky Mountain Cup from the Colorado Rapids.

Plus the added motivation given to our players will be enormous. They know of our rivalry with the teams of the North Eastern seaboard and how much it means to us that they would want to make us proud. Add also the fact their competitive nature in seeing that one trophy will give them the much kick in the butt to make them want to go out and get more.

So since this is a Supporters’ trophy competition the Sons of Ben along with the supporters of the DC, NE, and NY need to agree in saying in they are going to make this competition relevant once again and make it the “Cascadia Cup of the Eastern Seaboard.” Then we as Philadelphia Union Supporters can have a trophy that says we are the best soccer team on I-95. Then with that cup in the trophy case the motivation will be there to add an MLS Supporters’ Shield, MLS Cup, a US Open Cup, and the Bimbo Cup. Whatever that is.

 –Rich Ransom (@KingRich3)

About Section133

A Group for Supporters of the Philadelphia Union in PPL Park section 133. Our Purpose is to Defend Section 133 from the AWAY Supporters of ALL other MLS Clubs.
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6 Responses to Rich Ransom: I Want That Trophy

  1. bluetoonerdoops says:

    Didn’t we win it last year?

  2. Rich, sometimes I think you are reading my mind, sort of. I have been talking about this idea since before the Union ever stepped on the pitch. I am a fan of scrapping the Atlantic Cup, and in conjunction with supporters from DC, NY, and NE, creating a trophy for our sides to compete for. This is the east coast, so can we make the trophy a giant middle finger? (I’m kidding about that last part.)

    • Rich says:

      I want it cause it’s the ultimate rivalry prize, “sayin ha we beat all of you this year.” It just makes too much sense to not have it. Even with a new idea and completion, four teams, make every game count, and at the end here’s a trophy made out EZ PASS pieces from the turnpike lol. Why not right?

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  4. Eryin Wandel says:

    It just me, or does the cup seem off center? haha

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