Support Camden Youth Soccer Club

Camden Youth Soccer Club

We are PROUD to introduce you to the Camden Youth Soccer Club

The Club is run by a small group of hardworking volunteers. The Club calls Pyne Poynt Park in North Camden it Home. They usually have 2 soccer seasons a year, corresponding to school schedules and also the weather.

The Club meets Saturday mornings from 10am-12pm. The team does not travel, they always meet at Pyne Point Park and they spend the first hour taking instructions from the coaches and running drills. The 2nd hour is spent playing a game within each age group.

Roger Torres Visits CYSC (2011)

There are 4 age groups are 4-6 Year Olds, 7-8 Year Olds, 9-10 Year Olds, and 11-14 Year Old (although right now we don’t have enough kids, so often mix the 9-14 year olds). The Club is all about giving the kids something to do on a saturday morning, and it is a very low cost activity (only $10 registration fee, which covers insurance, and $20 for the uniform if they don’t have one). We “cater” to all abilities & skill levels, and hopefully as well as getting exercise and fun, the kids may learn teamwork and other skills and one day go on to a career in the sport… or be a volunteer themselves in their local communities.

Things They NEED:

1) Kids to come and play. The more kids the better.

2) Adults to come out and help out. No coaching experience is necessary, as we should have enough help there – but at least having adults to help supervise (lots of kids and 1 real “coach” isn’t a good thing) – as well as help with registration/water table and at the end we usually give the kids pizza so help handing out that too).

3) Donations To Replace 2 Goals… The club needs to raise $3,000 to replace the goals before the start of the spring season in April. You can donate money to the fund established to buy new goals through

We also have a Illegitimate Sons Of Ben T-Shirt From Barktees.  Proceeds Will Be Donated To Camden Youth Soccer Club.

Last November The Goals Were Vanadalized. Now They Are Gone.

Visit the Camden Youth Soccer Club Website

Camden Youth Soccer Club
PO Box 1525
Camden, NJ 08101-1525
(856) 232-0763

Support Local Soccer! Support Future UNION Stars Today!

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