We ALL Hate RedBull!

04/24/2010 - We Will Never Forget


Last Year, April 24th 2010 – a date that will live in INFAMY!  The Sons of Ben Bus was suddenly and deliberately attacked by 1 New York Supporter (Half Their Fan Base)! 

As the Bad Lieutenant Of The Illegitimate Sons of Ben.. aka The IllegitimateS.. aka Ben’s Bastards.. aka The Fighting 133rd.. aka Franklin’s Fist I feel it my DUTY to lead a squadron to New Jersey for our Invasion of the BEDPAN!!!

Remember the Bus

I actually feel kind of bad for REDBULL.  Earlier in their season they were SO desperate to fill Red Bull Arena that they resorted to Groupon.com.   It was SO bad that they were only asking $15 for a ticket and scarf or t-shirt.   In fact The first 300 people that redeemed their tickets on game day received a Red Bulls scarf, and everyone else will got a team T-shirt or a copy of Mike Ditka’s autobiography. 

It’s actually gotten EVEN MORE desperate lately.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words… if only it were worth a THOUSAND fans!

This is SAD

We (WE)

We Believe (WE BELIEVE)

We Believe You (WE BELIEVE YOU)


A New Low For NYRB

About Section133

A Group for Supporters of the Philadelphia Union in PPL Park section 133. Our Purpose is to Defend Section 133 from the AWAY Supporters of ALL other MLS Clubs.
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125 Responses to We ALL Hate RedBull!

  1. James Roberts says:

    Groupon… lol. Free jersey with purchase of tix is bad. Real bad.

  2. i hope the bus happens again and again. if you didn’t have police escorts to every game like the pussies that you are, this would be a different story. You like to make cute jokes and make funny little web pages about us, but that’s all you will ever do. you know what bars we hang out at before games and you know where we are after games, you never do anything and never will. =) we are always ready. no threats here, just saying, you know where we are.

    • Amber Sharkey says:

      shut the fuck up. your just salty that you guys suck and that everything they are saying is true. Your not ready and be prepared to be DOOPED. not a threat … a PROMISE.

      • Brad (IBC) says:

        You need to shut the fuck up you bird/bitch/cunt… take your pick.. We honestly at this point don’t give a fuck about the match.. if we make it great.. if we don’t oh well… That corny ass shit DOOP get the fuck out of here.. please come by our pub so I can pour a fucking drink over your ugly ass… Of course it would be a bitch that responds because we all know that is all you cunts are anyway… No not a threat and we all know you won’t set foot anywhere near our pub, but thats fine.. You’ll stay down in your section singing some dumbass chants, and talking about pink cows, and whatever other bullshit you come up with… I’d that fat ass jerry curl wearing Jeffrey MItchell can say whatever he wants.. we all know Philly fans are a bunch of nazi pussies anyway… You all know where we are, and where you can find us.. its not that hard, but of course with your police escorts and all the other crap excuses you will have we won’t see ya… look forward to Thursday.. should be fun…

      • Section133 says:

        You don’t care about the match? Says alot about your Supporters… and your team.

      • Amber Sharkey says:

        awh thats cute brad…..so proud you can write a whole paragraph full of shittt

      • Promise to do what¿ haha

      • Emeline says:

        AKAIK you’ve got the asenwr in one!

    • Luber says:

      and you know where we are.. IF you had and balls other then the blue balls you guys get from all the championships you’ve never won you would try and do something to us when we’re outside of the bus. however you seem to take the tap on the glass tactic.. throw something at us when we’re not already on the bus and watch how fast we recycle your sugar filled can of a supporters club. DOOP!

      • Brad (IBC) says:

        Where you wanna meet pal???? Yeah we know where you are surrounding by the cops.. I’ll tell you what.. you wanna show your pride come across the bridge by the stadium…. There is no where to meet up with you clowns in Chester, but there are plenty of places in Newark… Just come across and we will point you in the right direction.. 6:30 sound good??? look forward to seeing you soon..

      • Amber Sharkey says:

        grow the fuck up.

      • Luber says:

        6:30’s no good… Your girl wanted me to stop by since im going to be in the area. She’s about to get a DOOPIN’ she’ll never forget.

  3. Tom Bombadil says:

    This is so pathetic. Have some fucking dignity.

  4. GSS133 says:

    Do you still reside at inside my mother’s cavernous vagina? J/w

  5. 133GSS says:

    nice shithole apartment, jeff. maybe you should spend less time being a loser on the internet, and more time working so you can move out of manyunk. PS: cute virgin mary statue on your front lawn.

  6. Oh man, I was on that bus…. i really want that t-shirt now… haha

  7. Luber says:

    Its going to be funny when the Cosmos bury the NYRB and then all the can heads jump on the Cosmo train. I’ll admit you guys have a beautiful stadium, a team stacked full of great and amazing talent. The one thing your missing is chemistry, ohh and class. so I guess thats two things your missing.. ohh wait no, your also missing some cups.

  8. edwelshsays says:

    It is fair to say that we all hate Red Bull. Hipsters everywhere hate to hear it, but it is true. May the trophy cases of the New Jersey Pink Cows never be filled.

  9. Really? You guys are still butthurt over a cracked window?

  10. 1111 says:

    Garden State Supporters? Because you know “Jersey Fresh” includes used needles and bags of trash…

  11. Paul Lopez says:

    Filthy Union Supporters…We are comming for you guys don’t worry we are prepared…VAMOS METRO!!!!

  12. Red Bulls Suck says:

    What are you prepared for Paul? A night of Karaoke or Halo?? Can’t wait to skull-fuck the shit out of your team Thursday.


    One thing I’ve seen from Red Bull suporters is that they know how to use the worst words in the English language. Good for you! Just because you have three DP and STILL barely make the playoffs, don’t be sour with us. Take that up with your management.

    • Adam says:

      Yeah, and when Michael Irvin almost go paralyzed Eagles fans gave him a golf clap and shouted words of encouragement to him that did not go anywhere past PG.

  14. .. says:

    It’s funny that you fucks talk about being surrounded by cops yet you have a fucking cop in your crew. Yeah let’s go meet up with a pig and his fucking cunt bag friends. Sounds like a great idea!

    • hahaha too bad that aint like that

    • Brad (IBC) says:

      Being surrounded by cops and hiding behind them is completely seperate and besides please know what the fuck your talking about….. Like we said you know where we are before and after matches.. hell you even know where we sit and its not like your place in which you guys are surrounded by fucking security.. have a go.. as we stated before we know you won’t come…. I’ll put it like this.. Newark cops have a hell of a lot more to worry about than a couple of football/soccer fans having a disagreement… fuck off you cunts..

      • Jabroni#5 says:

        That’s because it’s dumb to fight over a soccer game. The same reason why when the Red Bulls come to Philadelphia, they don’t seek out Philly fans in Philly bars. Most of us, New York AND Philly fans, have lives and aren’t about to beat the crap out of one another because some guy on the internet who likes a different team than us said to.

        Enough with the internet tough guy talk, you sound like a child.

      • .. says:

        i know you have a cop amongst you and that’s all I need to know. Call us when you don’t hang out with pigs. Conflict of interests don’t you think?

  15. Adam says:

    I went to the RBNY-PHI game last year and I STILL get e-mails from the Union. And these e-mails offer me the similar shit. If you’re going to attack Red Bull then at least do it well and in a clever fashion. “Haha your team gives you free shit” doesn’t really upset anyone.

    The same Philly fans that do their chant about cups are probably the same people who put on their Eagles jersey and then accuse Giants fans of “dwelling on the past.”


    Actually, you don’t get free shit when you buy Union tickets. You only get what’s passed out in the stadium. Little things every once in a while (like the small pink Breast/Ovarian cancer scarf last Saturday). NEVER has anything remotely like a replica jersey been given out. The reason why we don’t get free shit is that we’ve been routinely selling out our stadium. (sometimes over capacity, sometimes just under.) Red Bull arena’s problem is that is so friggin’ huge that you’ll never have an inimidating atmosphere because you CAN’T FILL IT! Your owners over-estimated the fan base. PPL Park is designed to expand up to 30,000 in 4 phases over years, if the demand warrants it. That’s simply smart business.

    Also, when you guys come to our Stadium there is also a much heavier police prescence. It’s for your protection as well as ours. God forbid that wasn’t just our bus that was hit. It could have been someone’s head. People on both sides who talk about physical harm over a GAME are taking this way too seriously and/or have some serious rage issues.

    On another note: I’d take serious issue with the guy who says you don’t take this match seriously. We have clinched the playoffs–you have not. If you guys don’t care about this game then that says a lot about what’s wrong with your organization.

    • Brad (IBC) says:

      We average more than you bastards do and we have filled it a few times.. fan base is still growing and just a matter of time.. worry about your own fans and quite frankly its good in this country that we might finally get some off the grounds action going.. would be good for the sport… Fuck you cunts and your BS.. we don’t want violence crap when some of your nazi fan base tried having a go at us.. have a nice day and a big fuck you in advance from us..

  17. boodah76 says:

    Do you guys feel like big shots making threats on the internet? Go watch GSH a few more times and get all pumped up on your own bullshit. Why are we talking about the Eagles? Focus on the sport that we are investing our time on. The sport in which you have done nothing to be proud of. A sport in which we will make the playoffs in our second here, but you will not be joining us.

  18. Proverbs 13:3. “He that keepeth his mouth, keepeth his life. He that opens his lips too wide shall bring on his own destruction”.

  19. Papa Bear says:

    All you redbull fans 16 years no cups assholes. Jeff Mitchell is the man DON’T FUCK WITH HIM .

    • Brad (IBC) says:

      Jeffrey Mitchel is a fat cunt that lives in a shithole apartment and talks shit from his seat and then runs behind security if you make a motion at him.. Fuck you all and if you have any balls bring your ass across the bridge into Newark after the match.. Your all nothing but a bunch of cunts and bitches hiding behind your woman… We had a fucked up year so in all honesty if we win, we win.. if we lose than watch out.. its going to get ugly…

  20. LolerTroller says:

    Lol lol this thread is made of fail and aspergers.

  21. John Langan says:

    Enjoy the game. Isn’t that what we are here for? The game? This is ridiculous…

  22. Andrew says:

    Redbull pussies. We dont need to go to your level to be better than you. You guys dont even have enough fans to fill a stadium and you use two states. We have one City and we are still better than you. You go out and pay old ass players who cant cut it in other leagues and you think you are good. Fuck New York, their soccer team and their pussy ass fans. Lets go Union DOOP!

  23. Joe Pitt says:

    Can I ask, why are New York Red Bulls not called New jersey Red Bulls?! I mean its like calling Manchester United, Liverpool United. It makes no sense at all! and to be sponsored by an Energy Drink?!!!

    • GSS133 says:

      Wait your team isnt called the Chester Union? Because pretty sure you don’t play in Philly smart guy.

      • Joe Pitt says:

        No my team is called Chelsea because they play in Chelsea smart guy! How about you energy fans come to England and spout this shit and see who’s the pussy then.

    • yeah thats right says:

      Chelsea.. the best club money can buy.. fuck off back to your lil shit flat in London.. why the fuck do you give a fuck about the Philly Union anyway.. Chelsea boys used to be something, but your support is shit now… Bunch of rich twats nowadays….

  24. POOP not DOOP says:

    seriously you poop fans hide behind cops? For what? Is hiding behind the cops gonna save your asses from getting a major beating from the redbulls? Or can I not say beating cause Jerky Mitchel is gonna call the swat team to carry him to the stadium and to his seat? Jerky Mitchel is as a asshole as Liz Manning from the cheesesteak supporters club. They talk shit but when it comes to maning up to it there scared pussys. I guess that’s what all poop fans are like scared pussys You guys know where to find us true
    fans before and after the game.

    • A Cheesesteak says:

      I just found this posting and became throughly enraged by it. Liz Manning and The Cheesesteaks Supporters Club have nothing, and I repeat NOTHING to do with the SOB’s any of their offspring, or the Union. The Cheesesteaks are the supporters club for the Philadelphia Independence Women’s Pro Soccer team. Which is a highly different game, fan atmosphere and all. So to lump The Cheesesteaks into whatever fights go on between the Union and NYRB and their respective fan bases is highly uncalled for. And to refer to a lady in the un-classy adjectives you just used its just improper. Learn your soccer supporters clubs first before you make assumptions as to affiliations.

  25. Mike says:

    Red Bulls will lose. Dooop away SoB’s! No one will do anything except watch the game and talk shit. All this internet trash talk is irrelevant. UNION 2, Red Bulls 1. Enjoy the playoffs from your couch’s NY. #Doop #FoundingMember

  26. owenluke says:

    Brad, im sure right now if your fellow red bulls fans saw your posts, they would be embarrassed. You’re an embarrassment to the red bulls, mls, and soccer.

  27. Doopin' says:

    When we win you won’t do shit, but tuck your pink tail between your fat ass thighs, and waddle soundlessly back to your greasy disgusting women. 16 years,will soon turn to 17.

    • Brad (IBC) says:

      ok keep thinking that.. ask DC.. I just hope you don’t pull a San Jose and come to our pub and then haul ass running… or a Seattle and cry and run behind some traffic cops.. Or you could be worse and act like Columbus…. Greasy woman???? Have you seen the trash that is patrolling your streets… What about the crackheads surrounding your grounds asking for change, You’ve got the shittiest area of any team in the country… you can’t even get a beer within 10 miles of your stadium.. You have people selling meat out of their houses, kids getting raped all around your area, people getting shot 2 blocks from your stadium… The fact of the matter is you are located about 20 miles outside of Philly and we are only like 10 minutes on the train from Manhattan.. so fuck off… the fact of the matter is your fan base won’t come to our side and you’ll hide behind your busses and security with your fucked up gm and your fucked up coach and a bunch of fucked up players…

  28. this is funny to read….doop all the way….case in point every organization has already declared the Union atmosphere from the fans all the way to the players and F.O the best in the league…so everything that comes out of Red bull fans is mute…it took only two years to get to the playoffs…two years to start selling out seats w/o a Henry calibur player..hmmm i rest my case

    • Brad (IBC) says:

      link please.. I know what the boys in England think of you.. hell I even know some of your corner creeps that think your support is fucking weak… you get clowned by your own support and even some of the most diehard football/soccer fans in your city think most of you are a bunch of clowns and won’t even show up… Yeah thats fucking awesome… oh by the way that was a great fucking article in the GQ magazine.. boy you really showed the UK what “prawpa” support here is in the US…. that cunt of a journalist contacted us and we told him to fuck off.. you should have done the same…

      • i have no idea what you are talking about…19k fans after only 2 yrs of being a soccer club is not showing up??? idid you read what i wrote i dont care about the UK since i live in america and this is about NY and Philly..i obv know how big the support is over seas which doesnt compare to here…been playing soccer for 21 yrs and its my life so if you want to comment on what i said plese read it again and use a better reference

      • Dolly says:

        Phneonmeal breakdown of the topic, you should write for me too!

  29. Bill Sandone says:

    Wow, I sense a lot of bitterness from NY fans. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 🙂

  30. Jeff says:

    I found a picture of Brad.

  31. SoB_Shaun says:

    You know its kinda funny to see the trash talk from the Red Bulls fan. When we played them at home earlier this season I think maybe 4 of them showed up at the game. Sounds to me like they’re just upset we have more fans coming to this away game than they have fans at all.

    • Brad (IBC) says:

      yeah.. ok you kept us in a caged in area with mounted police.. allotted us 500 seats, put temporary johns for us to use and then had your nazi fans come and try to start shit.. You then had us escorted out the grounds because we made a move at one of your fucktards who kept running off at the mouth.. yes we had a dickhead supporter state something about raping a kid, but we handled that.. what’s your fucking excuse…

      • Zolo79 says:

        Nazi?! In the words of Inigo Montoya, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  32. Mike says:

    lol @ Brad and his gang. Someone’s a little bitter, no?

  33. Brad (IBC) says:

    Sorry guys. I have aspergers and I get beat up at school a lot so I act like a tough guy on the Internet.

  34. jesse says:

    Christ, this is what it has come down to? Calling each other cunts and wanting to have a go at each other?

    Can’t we all just get along, make fun of each other during the match and buy beers for each other afterwards?

  35. Brad (IBC) says:

    Using British slang makes me sound cool

  36. The Baron says:

    It’s funny you know his (Jeffery Mitchell) name and no one has ever heard of you at all. My current situation prevents me from being involved in any of your shittery. On top of that, I do not believe you are worth the time. However, I would like to see a wall of SoB walk across the bridge.

    You sound like a meat head ‘roid raging after someone ate the last Cheeto. Why don’t you take the needle out of your ass long enough to realize its a game. If you want to crack heads, do it on a rugby pitch. Oh right, you have no class.

    http://gothamrfc.org/drupal/?q=about-gotham They probably even welcome assholes.

  37. ZoLo says:

    Hey Brad, as much as you want to be, you are not an English hooligan. You are a rich kid from north jersey. Stop having wet dreams about your Green Street fantasies, it’s pathetic. And your attempt at English slang is sad(e.g.”we will have a go”)so get your stone island jacket from the cleaners,and sit in your basement and jerk off to Froto

    • Brad (IBC) says:

      definately no rich kid and half british.. hate green street.. and i lived in the uk for quite sojme time so i have an excuse there… .

  38. SoB_Shaun says:

    What’s our exscuse for what? We ain’t the ones who had a supporter talk about raping kids, seriously dude moons here thinks your hard or a hooligan, just a sad jack ass who is giving us a laugh. And again I say earlier this season next to none of you came down here so quit crying cause hooker really cares.

    • Brad (IBC) says:

      believe what you want… we realize you won’t come around to find out, but obviously got your attention.. and Green Streets.. c’mon seriously is that the only fucking football movie you know about hooligans and casuals?? Just because you jackasses don’t think this type of shit exists here in the good Ol USA than you just don’t know….. And yes you all are probably right in that nothing will happen and especially at the grounds.. I seriously doubt many of your fan base will come down into the ironbound and you will stick close to your bus.. No one is going to go after a father and son or some average shirt just walking around… so in reality the only thing that will probably happen is maybe your bus gets hit with a rock or 2 again, mondragon gets hit with a missile or too and we walk out of their with 3 points….. but mayb you boys should come and find out.. just saying..

      • SoB_Shaun says:

        Again you ignore my point that practically none of you came down to the game earlier this season. And as far as us “coming around to find out” you talk shit on Chester but have you looked around at Harrison and Newark? No thanks your city sucks balls.

      • Amber Sharkey says:

        You should just stop talking because your making a fool of yourself brad. Your waste your own time saying all the shit your saying and we all know that REDBULLS suck dick. So stop trying to trash our team when yours is nothing compared to the union.

    • SoB_Shaun says:

      Hahaha oh man I love auto correct. That was who really cares, apparently though it wanted to suggest hookers for the Red Bulls fans.

      • dude the part of Newark we are in is a working class Portuguese/ Brazilian neighborhood. It’s called the ironbound. It’s no the abandoned building, crackhead infested place that Chester is. SOrry. And Harrison? Same thing. all working class families and as of recently a rebuilding of the area for the better. Sorry man, I’d live in Newark/Harrison any day over Chester- and if you knew what you were talking about, you would too.

  39. DOOPER MAN says:

    I hope all of you dirty cunts from new york slip on a puddle of aids in your diry shithole town of Harrison and die in a fire! Go suck your dog off again and go snowball your little sister! FUCKING BLEAC BREATH HAVING QUEERS! DOOP

  40. Brad (IBC) says:

    Wot! Wot! Lisen gov’ use bess not be commin to r side o town cuz we r british hooligans. We is hard core chavs, nah mean? I’s half Brit.

  41. Disappointed Union Fan says:

    “You come to our pub your [sic] definately [sic] getting your face shashed in..”

    This is ridiculously childish. Let’s threaten others with violence over the internet because of the MLS soccer team they support. This isn’t Roma/Lazio; it’s the MLS. Somebody (read: Brad) has been watching too many Elijah Wood movies. I thought supporting the club was about getting drunk, watching soccer, singing songs and having fun. When did it become about swinging dicks on the internet and wanting to get into fights?

    Don’t you have a job, or a family, or a life? Oh…maybe that answers it.

    • SoB_Shaun says:

      That’s just it though, he’s only just talk. I seriously would hope not a single one of us is taking him serious. Lord knows I’m not. Hahaha

      • im not lol….never do its just funny….he saids come up to our place and i belive 1500 are hahahahaahaha and im sure if they all went to this “pub” 1500 strong vs maybe 300 400 ppl hmmm

      • Viking Army 4 ever says:

        As someone on the outside that knows about these guys they are as real as you will get in the US. I’ve met a few of them before and some are actually from the UK. I’m just in a supporters club and I think its completely childish that you would want to literally have a fight. A lot of the other supporters tolerate them because in their eyes they are defending the average fan which I think is complete crap and they do support this team very well. I’m not condoning violence and like I said I think it is pointless but in all seriousness if you think these statements are complete BS I please urge you to not go down around the pubs. From a fan to another fan of soccer be it a rivalry or not I don’t want to see anyone get hurt. Yes if you do go than there will certainly be fights. I’m sure some of what they are saying is complete bravado, but don’t for one second think these guys will not act accordingly. We don’t need this hooligan stuff over here and like I said as a fan of soccer and MLS I’m urging you to not go find out if its just talk because I can assure it is more than just that.

  42. DOOPER MAN says:

    Job? Family? Life? AH HA! I figured it out Brad is the guy who brought his Jackson Pollock looking blow up to the MLS draft this year, that may be why he has so much pent up aggression, he hasn’t used that dusty ole bag in a while! Break her out and give her a twirl! FUCKING CUM GUZZLING JIT RAG!!!

  43. Brad (IBC) says:

    Trollin’ trollin’ trollin’ keep those pink cows trollin’ raw hiiiiiiiide

  44. DOOPER MAN says:

    PS- Brad what is your PUB???

  45. Menlo Park says:

    Come down to El Pastor if you would like to talk. No threats of a fight, but if you would like to talk, come to El Pastor.

  46. DickyDunn says:

    Are we really having this conversation?

    The level of discourse here is exceedingly lower than what I’d expect of these find individuals.

    While we all know Red Bull fellates goats, it’s not a reason for its fans to invite us to their tavern to engage in fisticuffs.

    Besides, if I’m going to jail, it won’t be for beating the living fuck out these stuttering prick, walking, talking skidmarks on humanity.

  47. Philly On my Mind says:

    Ok if this fucks wants a fight thats fine. I know werer they associate at. you want to start shit over here cool you going to wish you never even uttered them words. I know your boys and if you want something to go down we will see how tough you are. Don’t worry you’ll get your wish and then we’ll see whats real or not.

  48. Viking Army 4 ever says:

    You want to fight us? Good luck!!! We’ve got at least 400-600 people right at the end of the bridge. Judging by your fan base and the obesity levels I can’t imagine more than a handful of your fans making the walk lol. FORZA RED BULL!!!!!!!!!

    • Viking Army 4 ever says:

      Let me add I did not read all the statements so I apologize. Please see my other response to this mess. Yes you do not want to go over there as you will most certainly be in for more than you were probably expecting. They are not friendly to opposing fans and support. Please i’m urging you in the best interest of American soccer to stop with this hooligan stuff. It doesn’t do anyone any good.

  49. Viking Army 4 ever says:

    As someone on the outside that knows about these guys they are as real as you will get in the US. I’ve met a few of them before and some are actually from the UK. I’m just in a supporters club and I think its completely childish that you would want to literally have a fight. A lot of the other supporters tolerate them because in their eyes they are defending the average fan which I think is complete crap and they do support this team very well. I’m not condoning violence and like I said I think it is pointless but in all seriousness if you think these statements are complete BS I please urge you to not go down around the pubs. From a fan to another fan of soccer be it a rivalry or not I don’t want to see anyone get hurt. Yes if you do go than there will certainly be fights. I’m sure some of what they are saying is complete bravado, but don’t for one second think these guys will not act accordingly. We don’t need this hooligan stuff over here and like I said as a fan of soccer and MLS I’m urging you to not go find out if its just talk because I can assure it is more than just that.

  50. SP says:

    Hey Philly, good game.. you sure showed us

    • Zolo79 says:

      Hey New Jersey, congrats! You barely beat a 2nd year team by exploiting a left flank that featured a 16 year old and a rookie midfielder playing as a left fullback and scoring ONE goal off a shot that technically wasn’t even a shot on goal. This victory for the most expensive team in the league (nearly 4 times the Union’s salary expense) was just enough to seed NJ 4th in conference, 9th overall… so yeah, congrats. BTW: loved the people dressed for Halloween as empty RBA seats!

  51. Murphy says:

    we had 7 of the Chester City Service Crew show up at Bellos about 3 hours before the match. The GSS were very nice to us and kept buying us drinks. They even asked us if they could try on our Union scarves cause they liked the colors. They are a very nice group of hipsters and were kind enough to pick up our large bar tab

    • some one who was there says:

      Are you the boys that went away in a jersey ambulance????

    • yeah thats right says:

      Quit lying… a group of you tried to run off at the mouth and got stomped down.. then your other pussy ass fans ran away and left their friends to get mopped up. Yeah great friends you got there and to those 4 pussies sitting beside our section. where’d you go??? Oh thats right you did as someone else said earlier you hid behind security!!!!! hahahahaha well thanks for coming and helping the local economy. Until next time fuck off. Oh by the way would you like your scarfs back???

  52. ofeydofey says:

    So uh Brad? I was hanging out in newark “across the bridge” as you said and nothing happened. where were you. I thought we were going to have a nice little meet and greet.

  53. PlowUnited says:

    Wow I guess the red bull f**gs aren’t saying much when they didn’t even come across the bridge.

  54. PlowUnited says:

    How bad is it that were able to invade your arena when you can’t even sell out seats near your support or in your support. Stub Hub is a great spot for last min tickets for cheap in your supporters section.

  55. brad says:

    Um check again…..

  56. brad says:

    You boys have too many scarfers and shirts….. You obviously don’t understand how this works… when you do let us know..

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