Philadelphia Union v. Chivas USA

Just Mapp DOOPs On Chivas USA

Heartbreak At The Home Depot Center.. Or.. If A Lead Falls At The Home Depot Center And No One Is There To Hear It Does It Make A Sound?

Once again the Philadelphia Union have snatched a DRAW from the jaws of VICTORY!  In all seriousness this is a game we could have easily lost.  Chivas USA had a ton of chances to put the ball into the net.  Thankfully they did not.  The Union just seemed like they were out of gas at the end of the game.  I was VERY disappointed in Adu and Torres who came on late with fresh legs and did absolutely NOTHING to help us keep possession. 

On the plus side we are unbeaten in our last six matches.  Those six matches have been played with our first year first round draft pick Zac MacMath in goal.  We have three matches left and our destiny is in our own hands.  Looks like the last match of the year at New York Red Bulls is  really going to count.  We are going!  Are you going?

Will we make the playoffs?  I have HIGH HOPES!  Yes!  What do we do now?  We start praying to EVERYONE!  Dear God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Muhammad, Tom Cruise, Buddha, The Force, Shiva, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and ZOLO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us get into the PLAYOFFS!

Philadelphia Union v. Chivas USA – Highlights

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    Supbrley illuminating data here, thanks!

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