A Tailgate Review

2011 Miles 4 MJ Charity Tailgate

Around the 75th minute of the Union v Portland match I got out of my seat and started heading to my car. (Editors Note: We encourage you all to chastise Kenny for leaving the game early) It felt like I should be going home and sleeping for a day, but instead we got on 95 South and headed towards the Outer Banks for a week of relaxation.  Much of the way down I couldn’t help but think of all the AWESOME people that made the Miles 4 MJ Charity Tailgate a success.  Below is a brief description of how the day went down from my perspective:

I left my house around 11:45AM to pick up Kris Whalen (MJ’s mom).  After getting on the Blue Route, we encountered the normal Blue Route traffic, which didn’t put us to PPL until 1:35pm.  At this point I was a little stressed, b/c the event was suppose to start at 2PM and I wanted to make sure we were good to go.  However, I knew the folks from Kildares Irish Pub would be there at 12PM to set-up, so I wasn’t that concerned.  Unfortunately when I arrived, there was NOTHING set-up.  Kildares was running VERY late and the food wasn’t even there yet.  Finally, around 2PM they showed up and got everything set-up pretty quickly.  As the food was prepared we started to set-up tables, chairs, etc.  Kildares had emailed me the night before and said we may need a couple of extra table, The SoB’s said that we could have access to their tailgate supplies, so I told them we had extra.  When they arrived, they had NO tables, NO chairs, NO waters, NO soda, NO coolers – you get the idea.  People continued to pour in and we were not nearly as prepared as we should have been.  THIS POINT WAS THE GAME CHANGER – Many of the Sons of Ben I have never met before started pulling out tents, tables, chairs, and anything else they could find to help us set-up.  In 20 minutes, they had the whole place set-up like I wanted it to be at 1:30 (It was almost 3PM by now).  The individuals responsible for helping us out saved the day.  The IllegitimateS will never be able to show the proper gratitude what the Sons of Ben did for us that day. 

My blood pressure had gone down by now and the tailgate started rolling.  Sheanon Williams brought his crew (Amobi Okugo, Michael Farfan, Gabriel Farfan) to mingle with the fans and sign autographs.  Shortly after they left, Peter Nowak showed up and did the same thing.  Striker, the 1994 World Cup mascot was there, as was Punchy the Bear.  The Bearfight Relay went off perfectly and the Corner Creeps were victorious.  Raffle prizes were drawn and then MJ lead the Son of Ben march into PPL Park.  Overall, I thought the day went really well, but it would have NOT have been possible without Kildare’s Irish Pub, the BridgeCrew, the Bearfight Brigade, the Timber’s Army, the Corner Creeps and especially the Sons of Ben.  Thank you to EVERYONE who showed up, we hope to do this much bigger and better next year. 

P.S. I would also like to thank The Beta Phase and Jamison for providing live entertainment. 

P.P.S. Extra Special thanks to Kildare’s Irish Pub who made this ALL possible. DOOP.

Kenny Hanson

Miles 4 MJ Charity Tailgate : Bearfight Relay


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A Group for Supporters of the Philadelphia Union in PPL Park section 133. Our Purpose is to Defend Section 133 from the AWAY Supporters of ALL other MLS Clubs.
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