Philadelphia Union v. Columbus Crew

Goal By The Old Serb Isn't Enough For The U v. Crew

The Philadelphia Union have not won a match since July 17th. Since then we have gone L-D-D-D-L. We have left the door wide open for Sporting Kansas City, Houston Dynamo, New York Red Bulls, and D.C. United. The Eastern Conference is WIDE OPEN.

Should we be scared? Probably. Are we scared? No. What do we do now? We drink the KOOL-Aid and repeat the mantra as we rock back and forth like crazy people… IN NOWAK WE TRUST! IN NOWAK WE TRUST! IN NOWAK WE TRUST! IN NOWAK WE TRUST! IN NOWAK WE TRUST! IN NOWAK WE TRUST! IN NOWAK WE TRUST! IN NOWAK WE TRUST! IN NOWAK WE TRUST! IN NOWAK WE TRUST!

Oh You Can’t Scare Me I’m Sticking To The Union.. Til The Day I Die!

Philadelphia Union v. Columbus Crew – Highlights


Samuel Paul Barker of Major League Soccer UK

So I’ve not written anything, or followed the Union as well as I could have, for the past few weeks. For that, you have my apologies. I must say this season has flown by, and I’ve absolutely loved every second of it. You’ve all made me feel part of something special! Saying that, there’s still two months to go, and we’ll be pushing for play-off success in the coming weeks I imagine. Since this is my first MLS season, I’m still unsure how the post-season works out. We still have a tough road and, honestly, we could be out of play-off berth in two games! Unlike the Western Conference, the Eastern Conference is as tight as a camel’s bum in a sandstorm. It’s exciting, and the only way to have great football.

Speaking of great things, I saw a buzz on Twitter about the Supporters’ Summit. I didn’t have a clue what it was quite frankly, but I have just watched the recap on the Union website and it’s heart-warming. A club that reaches out so far to its supporters is brilliant; the Union show no signs of stopping either. Even the MLS Commish was there dishing out his ten pence worth. What impressed me most about this is that is wasn’t too formal. The feeling and vibe that was given off from the summary video was that of a mutual, growing respect and that you were speaking to equals. Everybody was on the same level – family. I love how someone piped up with referees too, an issue that must be raised on an almost daily basis, or at least after every poor game had by a referee. (As a former basketball referee, I am somewhat sympathetic to referees but in the highest level of American football standards need to be set much higher than what they are now.)

I’d say that’s one of the hardest parts of following the Union, I’m forever catching up through highlights and not having a chance to catch a game live. Something I wish to correct next year, in The River End no less. That’s right, I’ve more than enquired about getting to Philadelphia for (hopefully) two games next season. I’m just waiting on the release of the MLS schedule to get the ball rolling.

Writing for Section 133 has been a privilege I’ve enjoyed thoroughly tonight, and I will drop in again soon!

Until next time, DOOP.

-Samuel Paul Barker

You can follow Sam on Twitter at @TheSamBob

About Section133

A Group for Supporters of the Philadelphia Union in PPL Park section 133. Our Purpose is to Defend Section 133 from the AWAY Supporters of ALL other MLS Clubs.
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