Philadelphia Union v. Houston Dynamo

Jack McInerney = Determined To DOOP

I don’t even know what to say.  We are currently sitting in Second Place in the Eastern Conference 1 point behind the Columbus Crew with a game in hand.  Again I ask.. Why does it suddenly feel like the END IS NEAR?!?!

For the second match in a row the Philadelphia Union had a chance to do what Champions do.. walk away with three points when you don’t deserve ANY.  For the second match in a row we were left to settle for a draw. 

The thing that baffled me the most were the substitutions.  One so confusing my brain can’t even begin to comprehend it.  Why would a team that is DESPERATE for offense sub off a striker (who scored) for a midfielder who can only complete back passes?  Dear ZOLO tell me why you have foresaken us!?  Why would you let Jack McInerney be subbed off for Stefani Miglioranzi?

It seemed like Jack McInerney was finally starting to find the ebb and flow of the match.  When he scored in the 15th minute it was a result of hustle and determination.  The kid has a nose for the net.  So why sub him off when he finally gets a grasp on the correct runs to make again Houston? WHY!? WHY?! WHY!?  The kid is 19 years old.  I highly doubt he was fatigued!

Oh Le Toux.. Le Toux. (Shakes Head)  I am starting to think that you are cursed!  I mean how many time can you come so close to scoring and walk away not DOOP’n?  This one hurt the most.  Just a minute later saw us go from a “W” to a “D” and from 1st place back to 2nd place.

Philadelphia Union v. Houston Dynamo – Highlights

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2 Responses to Philadelphia Union v. Houston Dynamo

  1. This one hurts more than Wednesday.

  2. Jen says:

    Makes me almost wish it was Wednesday’s match I got to watch instead of this one….
    I almost cried for Sebby tonight. Ima gonna work some hoodoo, see if I can fight whatever curse whoever put on him…

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