Philadelphia Union v. Real Madrid – Friendly

Cristiano Ronaldo Visits Philadelphia

Despite temperatures hovering around the 100 degree mark at 9pm, Philly’s answer to CARMAGEDDON (I-76), and Ticketmaster’s outrageous surcharge 57,305 people were on hand to watch the Philadelphia Union take on Real Madrid at Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday night.   

The first 11 minutes were absolutely brutal.  The Philadelphia Union made two HUGE mistakes.  They looked more like the back four of 2010.. and less like the back four of 2011.  When you make a HUGE mistake against one of the World’s premiere teams you pay for it.  In the 12th minute the U found themselves down 2-nil. 

The shock of being 2-nil down in a matter of minutes seemed to provide the slap in the face the UNION needed to get themselves together.  The 19th saw Carlos Ruiz spring Sebastien Le Toux with a beautiful through ball, but it seems someone has placed a curse on our favorite Frenchman.  The result was Iker Casillas pulling off a seemingly impossible save to deny number 9.

Once again the U seemed to come to life when the younglings took the field in the second half.  The team seeemed alot more creative and less star struck.  It took until the 80th minute, but Philly managed to cut Real Madrid’s lead in half thanks to a crafty chip from Michael Farfan a.k.a Marfan. 

In the closing minutes it looked like it would only be a matter of time until the Union equalized the match and sent the game to penalty kicks.  Sadly despite valiant efforts from Roger Torres and Jack McInerney the boys in BLUE couldn’t find an equalizer.

In the end I was very proud of the Philadelphoa Union.   They went out and held their ground against Real Madrid.  I know it was only a Friendly, but it went along way in showing how much the MLS has grown as a league.

The low point of the night for me was not the action on the field, but a few of the fans in the stands.  Some members of the Sons of Ben (Not Capos) took it upon themselves to come up with some racist chants towards Hispanics… Why?  I don’t know.  The chants “Hey Ronaldo Suck On My Balls” is a bit childish, but meant in good fun and directed at an athlete on the field.  The chant “Hey You Go Mow My Lawn” directed at Real Madrid fans in the stands was just flat out racist.  Rule Number One in the Sons of Ben Code of Conduct is…


We say some pretty uncomplimentary things about the other team and occasionally the referee. (Okay, usually the referee.) What we don’t do is base those comments on their skin color, their last name or the country they (or their parents or grandparents) were born in. Sons of Ben have a zero tolerance policy for racist chants, songs, or taunts. Start one and you’re out.

The Philadelphia Union are a team of multiple races and ethnicities… We are currently represented by athletes from… Brazil, Colombia, Congo, France, Guatemala, Ivory Coast, Serbia, and Trinidad and Tobago.

The Sons of Ben are one of the GREATEST supporters groups in the World.  Let’s keep it that way and educate the people standing with us.

Kick Off

A Long Sheanon Williams Throw In

Danny Califf Almost DOOPs On Real Madrid

Carlos Ruiz Offsides… Again

Free Kick Amounts To Nothing

Ruiz Sends A Free Kick Over The Bar

Cristiano Ronaldo Free Kick Goes Into The Wall

Michael Farfan DOOPs On Real Madrid

We DOOP On Real Madrid

Philadelphia Union v. Real Madrid – Highlights


Samuel Paul Barker of Major League Soccer UK

 The Union have taken on Everton and Real Madrid this week, so no MLS news per se, but still coverage to watch and games to report on for ME the SamBob. So here I am and you can find it all on Major League Soccer UK when Diary of a Major League Soccer Convert gets its airing midweek.

This week a chat, talk and peruse the mid-season friendlies the Union have been playing in, and they’ve grown somewhat in my opinion. While not wholly necessary, they are great exposure for the club and MLS in general. Unless you’re the Sounders, and get rolled over 7-0. Just saying.

I hope you all enjoy this week’s article as much as I like writing them. I’m proud, honoured and privileged for the few words I get on this website per week. For that I thank you, and I thank Jeffrey Mitchell.

Hope you enjoy!

Follow Major League Soccer UK on Twitter @MLS_UK Follow Samuel Paul Barker on Twitter @TheSamBob

Philadelphia Union v. Real Madrid - Lincoln Financial Field

About Section133

A Group for Supporters of the Philadelphia Union in PPL Park section 133. Our Purpose is to Defend Section 133 from the AWAY Supporters of ALL other MLS Clubs.
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5 Responses to Philadelphia Union v. Real Madrid – Friendly

  1. The only thing by me was during the “You’re not singing over there” chant a bunch of us said “We don’t know the words in Spanish… We don’t know the words in Spanish, etc.”

    FWIW we were about 5 rows behind you on the edge of 130 and didn’t hear the mow my lawn stuff. There was however some seat squatters that got a ton of heat that eventually got ejected once they asked for his / her tickets. Not sure of all the crap that went back and forth there, but definitely harsher than the typical fare.

    • Section133 says:

      I don’t know how you missed the “Hey You Go Mow My Lawn” chant. It was pretty loud and went on for a few minutes. I just hate to see the Sons of Ben get a bad name, because of a few members getting out of line. It was to the same tune as “Hey Ronaldo Suck On My Balls” so maybe you didn’t make out the words.

      • See the people around me were hell bent on using the Ronaldo rendition, so that’s what we heard loud and clear. Either way the third grader garbage has to go by the wayside, there’s way too much talent being wasted for these garbage chants.

  2. Daniel says:

    I am a Real Madrid, and I was sitting in section 132 (my gf doesnt know a thing about buying football match tix, it was a gift). I came looking for this site specifically because of some of the racist chants i heard from the Sons of Ben to see if it was mentioned. I am glad you spoke out against this, and I hope you guys clean this up because it makes your group look both immature and ignorant. I was pleasantly surprised to see such strong fandom in Philly though, keep up the good work, but leave this incident behind.

    • Section133 says:

      Thanks for commenting. I was really let down by the few Sons of Ben partaking in the racist chants. It makes the whole supporters group look bad. The Sons of Ben are a world class supporters group and do wonderful things in the local community. I would hate to see their good name blemished by ignortant people. I felt it was my duty to speak out on the issue. Good luck in La Liga.

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