Philadelphia Union v. Everton FC – Friendly

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18,582 piled into PPL Park to watch the Philadelphia Union take on a Tim Howard-Less Everton FC.  Despite the heat  and the fact that the match was a friendly the atmosphere at PPL Park was electric.

“I’ve played in Salt Lake twice, I’ve played in New York, I’ve played in Seattle and Houston,” Neville told reporters after the match. “Tonight was more like a European atmosphere, I thought. It was more European than [other MLS environments]. (

The first half of play was fairly standard friendly football.   There were a few chances, but mostly both teams looked kind of flat.  The first half highlight for me was the play of Zac MacMath he wasn’t forced to make a save, but he looked confident and seemed to be doing a good job directing the back four. 

The action in the stands was far from friendly for those of us in The IllegitimateS.  We had a bit of an issue with some visitors to Section133 of PPL Park. 

International Friendlies mean fans that have never been to an MLS match and who will probably never attend an MLS match ever again.  We had one such group with us in Section133 last night.  Here is the abridged version of the incident…

Section133: Home of the Peanut Gallery

A couple fans obviously came out to PPL Park for the first time… didn’t like that we were standing in front of them.  I offered for them to sit in front of the standers… they didn’t take me up on the offer of closer seats (I don’t know why).  The ushers asked us if we could please sit down. Which we did for a majority of the game to be nice… Towards the end of the match we got antsy and decided to stand, sing, and support the team for the last 15 minutes of the match and this guy starts pelting Nick and I with peanuts or ice… not sure which.  The guy proceeded to throw stuff in front of security (and had also been caught on camera throwing stuff earlier) and security kicked him (and his friends) out for continuing to throw things at us.

I would like to thank PPL Park Security for their handling of the entire incident.  I am very proud that no one in Section133 resorted to violence and allowed Security to do their job.  Kudos to the Philadelphia Union FO on instructing security on how to handle this type of situations.

Back to the match… The second half saw the Philadelphia Union Younglings take the field.  Zachary Pfeffer, Jimmy Mclaughlin, and Christian Hernandez were hellbent on making the most of their time on the field against the EPL side.

The DOOP is definitely strong in the younglings.  We are already seeing great results from YSC Sports and FC Delco.  The trio of youngsters showed no fear as they piled pressure upon the Everton defense.  Not content with a draw the Union’s U-18 Academy Player of the Year Christian Hernandez drilled a left footed shot into the old onion bag for the WIN.

The WIN helped keep the Philadelphia Union undefeated in Friendly Matches at PPL Park.  The U are 3-0 with wins over Celtic FC, Chivas De Guadalajara, and Everton FC.

The Union are 3-1 All-Time in Friendly Matches having lost to Manchester United last season at Lincoln Financial Field.

I can’t wait to see more of the younglings on Saturday as the U take on Real Madrid at Lincoln Financial Field. DOOP.

We Defend The Corner Against Everton FC

Our Kid Zachary Pfeffer Enters The Match

Christian Hernandez DOOPs

We DOOP On Everton FC

Philadelphia Union v. Everton FC – Highlights

About Section133

A Group for Supporters of the Philadelphia Union in PPL Park section 133. Our Purpose is to Defend Section 133 from the AWAY Supporters of ALL other MLS Clubs.
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  1. Next time these numbskulls tell you to sit down tell them to read the signs that warn them they will be in a standing section!!!!!! The Noive!

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