Gold Cup: USA v. Canada

USA Soccer

What a way to open the 2011 Gold Cup!  The USA came out swinging like MIKE TYSON… and I mean the Mike Tyson from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out not the one who wants to eat people’s children. 

In the 15th minute Jozy Altidore got the weight of the world off of his shoulders.  It wasn’t the most impressive goal in the world, but you don’t get extra points for style.  Hopefully this goal will give Altidore the confidence to really turn it on for the rest of the tournament.

Jozy Altidore Goal

Clint Dempsey is a BEAST.   He never stops running and he seems to always be in the perfect position to wreak HAVOC on opposing defenses.  His goal in the 62nd minute was the product of making the perfect run at the perfect time.  The man will surely go down as one of the greatest American footballers of all-time.  God Bless Clint Dempsey!

Clint Dempsey Goal

Clint Dempsey may very well have been the man of the match… at the very least he gets to share the AWARD with Tim Howard.  Tim Howard is in my humble opinion one of the greatest goalies in the world.   How many time has he snatched victory from the jaws of defefeat for the RED, WHITE, and BLUE.  Not only is he athletic, but he is a GENERAL.   He managed to keep the back for organized the entire match.  Can you smell the CLEAN SHEET!?

The worst part of the match would have to be the pitch.  WORST. PITCH. EVER.  Why in a country FULL of amazing sports venues would we choose a stadium with artificial turf and then decided to just lay SOD overtop?   The field was AWFUL.  They even had to come out at halftime and plug the wholes in it with sand.  I am just thankful no one was seriously injured during the games play at Ford Field.  The attendance was listed as 28,209… but they must’ve used RED BULL ARENA math, because it looked EMPTY.

USA v. Canada – Highlights

[The USA now travel to Tampa for their second match in Group C on Saturday against Panama.

For the most comprehensive stats on the USA v. Canada Match – CLICK HERE

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One Response to Gold Cup: USA v. Canada

  1. James R says:

    I loved Dempseys forward bicycle kick attempt, that was one of the coolest tries I think I’ve ever seen.

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