The Legend of the Mondragon

Faryd Mondragon - 12 Inch Rule (Designed by Mark Jenkinson)

For years kids around the world have heard legends about dragons.  The kids in PPL Park have been telling legends about a new kind of Dragon.  This Dragon doesn’t breathe fire or fly.  This Dragon keeps clean sheets.

Enter the Dragon

He’s Fast
He’s Quick
He’s Got a 12 Inch Dick (Prick)
Mondragon, Mondragon

He’s Big
He’s Strong
Hes Got a One Foot Dong (Schlong)
Mondragon, Mondragon

The Legend of the DRAGON

Faryd’s Dick is so BIG, the last time he took a piss Noah had to build an Ark.

Faryd’s Dick is so BIG, it used to record rap songs with Puff Daddy.

Faryd’s Dick is so BIG, Leonardo DiCaprio stood on the head and shouted, “I’m king of the world.”

Faryd’s Dick is so BIG, that his first erection precipitated the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Faryd’s Dick is so BIG, when it was on celebrity apprentice, it fired Donald Trump.

Faryd’s Dick is so BIG, that even Thor can’t lift it.

(YSA Report) Mondragon Condom Commercial

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The Faryd Mondragon legend continues to GROW.  Make sure you follow the Dragon on Twitter @FarydMondragon.  You can follow us on Twitter

Hey Mondragon How Big Is Your Package?

About Section133

A Group for Supporters of the Philadelphia Union in PPL Park section 133. Our Purpose is to Defend Section 133 from the AWAY Supporters of ALL other MLS Clubs.
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8 Responses to The Legend of the Mondragon

  1. Tom says:

    You’re not even trying to hide your homoerotic passion for Mondragon. I’m glad he’s here. Talking about another man’s junk is fucking weird dude.

  2. song says:

    maybe I’m the only one, but i’m really am not a fan of that chant…. but whatever… seems to have caught on….

  3. Mark says:

    Ah, but its ok to ask the ref to suck on your balls tho? It just means he is the man.

  4. DeezNutz says:

    This is a really weird article dude. Actually it’s just frIggin creepy. Real Nice reading for our younger Union supporters.

    • JeffreyM says:

      Thankfully your log in name is safe for the kids.

      • JaxUnionFan says:

        ha. deezhorribleideas.

        i think the chants funny, its risky (leaving ysa behind to chant about huge members), and ill probably be chanting it from home while my sons in another room.

  5. Earl Gardner says:

    Mondragon seems to get a kick out of it, nor does he deny it.

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