Worst T-Shirt Ever!



There has been a whole lotta HOOPLA over the DOOPLA t-shirt.  When the team trademarked DOOP they assured the fans that it was for quality control reasons.   After seeing this shirt I call BULLSHIT.  This is the WORST. T-SHIRT. EVER. 

I don’t even understand the shirt.  Is it supposed to mean FUCK LA?  Is it encouraging LA?  Did they spend more than 1 minute and Microsoft Paint designing it? Is it a reference to the BEAT LA shirts and banners of the San Francisco Giants fans?  Did the designer of the shirt even know what DOOP means to this team and it’s supporters?

We have one of the most creative fanbases in the MLS… and possibly all of sports.  I hope the UNION Front Office do the right thing and let the fans design ALL future DOOP shirts.  Every single DOOP shirt in the shirt contest was better than this shirt… and didn’t mentione another city or team.

Fan Feedback About the Shirt

“I think everyone saw this coming”


“Doesn’t feel “anti-” enough. I’d think people would think it is a pro-LA shirt. Now, a shirt with a cop in riot gear holding a shield saying something like “Put down the riot” might be cool.”

“i’m yawning.”

“Who are their marketing people? Sorry excuse…”

“Yep. This shirt is practically supporting LA. I woulda stuck with “Beat LA” and leave the doop to those who KNOW HOW TO USE IT.”

“So the FO hates “YSA” but the FO is willing to use Doop in place of “fuck” on a T-shirt? (scratches head)”

“its a bit crap to be honest”

“this is on lthe level of the shirts the flyers give away. not worth $15”

“When they need to explain the T you know its bad!”

“This a a violation of the use of the word DOOP!”

“Only a real ass-clown would buy that t-shirt……..”

“I fell asleep as soon as I clicked the link.”

“Wondering why they said they were worrying about the quality of Doop stuff then come our with this”


“The shirt is stupid. Not sure what they’re trying to do. What’s with the snake on top? And “DOOP LA” – is that supposed to be a stand-in for fuck? Are we making a new word “DOOPLA” like hoopla? Why LA and not a regional rival like DC or NJ?I guess if you have to put that much thought into a shirt, it’s kinda lame.”

In the meantime if you REALLY want a DOOP shirt I recommend the fan submitted ‘DOOP Design Contest Winner’ or Barktees.com

p.s. I blogged ANGRY and I’ve since CALMED… I am not mad at the ARTIST, but I am mad at the FO.  I do not see quality control in this product.

p.p.s. This article reflects ONE man’s opinion… Jeffrey Mitchell.  I in NO way speak for the other members of Section133 or the Sons of Ben.

About Section133

A Group for Supporters of the Philadelphia Union in PPL Park section 133. Our Purpose is to Defend Section 133 from the AWAY Supporters of ALL other MLS Clubs.
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3 Responses to Worst T-Shirt Ever!

  1. Matt says:

    Don’t blog angry!

  2. Kenny Hanson says:

    I also think the shirt is not worthwhile!

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