Meet Da Rezarekt

Da Rezarekt

All this talk about Questlove and The Roots got me thinking… Why we aren’t spotlighting other bands that are ACTUALLY down with the Philadelphia Union and the Sons of Ben?!

The first band I would like to introduce is Da Rezarekt aka The Livest Band on the Planet!   Haven’t heard of them?  Shame on You!   Da Rezarekt are a Funk, Punk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock and Roll Band Straight Outta Philadelphia, PA. 

Supreem Represents StacheBash

The four piece band is lead by the DYNAMIC Frontman/MC Jemal “Supreem” Carter.  Supreem was born and raised in SouthWest Philly, but for the past 15 years has called Chester, PA his home.  Preem has been showing love for his Chester by representing the Sons of Ben Stache Bash Shirt at shows to Help Kick Hunger.  Supreem has a God given talent to make girls shake what their Mommas gave them… Don’t believe me?  Exhibit A

Next up we have Derek “Low B Puffy D” Miller on the bass.  Puff is the heart and soul of the funk.  He is the crazy white boy with dreads that writes walking bass lines that get your head bobbing.  He was also my wingman for the very first Philadelphia Union game at PPL Park.  He is a Phillies Phan at Heart, but has developed a soft spot for our beloved UNION since his first match in Section133.

If you’re one of those people who think “Chicks” can’t rock I would like to prove you wrong with Marisa “Guitar Grrrl” Salazar.  Marisa is the Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde of Da Rezarekt.   She studied and works in the soothing field of Music Therapy by Day and MELTS people’s faces off with her blazing guitar shredding solos at Night.  She prefers sports like soccer where you don’t use your hands… hands are for finger tapping guitars NOT sports.

Last, but most certainly not LEAST we have Derek “Supa Star Dar” Gallagher on the Drums.  Dar is the IRISH equivalant of Questlove.  Don’t let his lack of skin pigment full you HE can BANG DA BRICKS with the best of them!   Legend has it that Dar was traded from The Modern Hypocrites to Da Rezarekt for a Six Pack of PBR Pounders and a Bag of Jelly Belly Candy.  While Derek is NEW to the World of Soccer he is a longtime Philly Sports Fan who LOVES getting drunk at tailgates and HATES New York Teams and their Fans.

To me Da Rezarekt and the Philadelphia Union have one major thing in common.   If you go see either of them in person just ONCE you will be hooked for life.  I get the same feeling at a Da Rezarekt show that I get at a Union game at PPL Park. 

If you still aren’t sold on Da Rezarekt I challenge you to listen “I Know”  … If you don’t like it I will give you a dollar. (Offer Not Valid in the US)

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Follow Them on Twitter @DaRezarekt

Check Da Rezarekt Live at Legendary Dobbs

About Section133

A Group for Supporters of the Philadelphia Union in PPL Park section 133. Our Purpose is to Defend Section 133 from the AWAY Supporters of ALL other MLS Clubs.
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