Q & A With Sheanon Williams

Sheanon Williams (Photo by Earl Gardner)


Do you have a pre-game rituals/supersitions that you follow every week?  Before I leave for PPL, I always engage in a quick game of FIFA. Always playing with Chelsea and always winning of course. I also always drink 3 gatorades and 2 waters.

What music gets you pumped for a match?  Music that gets me pumped would have to be Wiz, Cudi, Kanye, and Techno.

What 5 DVDs you would bring if you were deserted on an island?  DOOP Gone Wild… hahaha just kidding! but seriously…

1. Inception

2. Shawshank Redemption

3. Gladiator

4. The Hangover

5. The Breakup

What is your Philadelphia UNION Moment (So Far)? Stepping onto the field for my first MLS game against the Chicago Fire. It has always been a dream of mine to play in the MLS.

If they made a Philadelphia Union Movie who would play YOU? Who would play (Your Girlfriend) Hannah?  There is just too many options of people I would consider for playing the part, but I would have to go with Will Smith, if I had to choose. Hannah would be played by Blake Lively, yeah, I think that is a good fit.

Starring Will Smith as Sheanon Williams

Where is your favorite place to DOOP outside of PPL Park? My favorite place to DOOP besides PPL Park would have to be downtown in Olde City, its always a good time.

Can you tell everyone a little bit about your Charity Miles 4 MJ?  I am involved in a Charity (Miles 4 MJ) through my host family.  Both the Father Marty and Son MJ have NF (Neurofibromatosis) which is a genetically-inherited disorder that effects alot of people.  It is a Charity that doesn’t get as much recognition as some of the others.  I wanted to lend my voice to get the word out and help as many people as possible.  So please spread the word about Miles 4 MJ.  We also have a 5K and 1Mile Bunny Hop coming up on April 23rd.  If you can RUN.. RUN.  If you can WALK.. WALK.  If you can CRAWL.. CRAWL.  If you can DONATE.. DONATE.  If not just tell a friend.

Bonus: Give us a Twitter #ManLawMonday we should ALL obey.  Men must always pee standing up. No exceptions.  #manlawmonday

You can ALL follow Sheanon Williams on Twitter @ SheanonWilliams.


About Section133

A Group for Supporters of the Philadelphia Union in PPL Park section 133. Our Purpose is to Defend Section 133 from the AWAY Supporters of ALL other MLS Clubs.
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