The Men, The Myths, The Legends

 “… an article for the people, by the people.”

We here at Section133 want to show some love for the Philadelphia Union.   What better way to get a buzz before the Home Opener than Twitter.   We want to start a campaign to trend #UnionMyths.  It has been done in the past to honor our favorite Frenchman Sebastien Le Toux.  This time let’s honor the whole 2011 Philadelphia Union Team!

The Rules: Keep it to under 140 characters and make it as outragerous as POSSIBLE.  It is the least we can do for the U! Start Tweeting your #UnionMyths.  We will collect them all in this article!


I heard when @sheanonwilliams takes a throw-in he yells GO-GO Gadget Arms! @PhilaUnion #UnionMyths #DOOP

CBS Announces @CharlieSheen will be replaced by Sebastien LeToux of the @PhilaUnion show will be renamed “LeToux and a Half Men” #UnionMyths

To Honor the @SonsofBen Hüsker Dü will now be known as Hüsker Düp #UnionMyths #Düp

When Jesus Returns It Will Be In A Car With a “Mondragon Saves” Bumper Sticker. #UnionMyths #DOOP

Chuck Norris’s kryptonite is @FarydMondragon #DOOP #UnionMyths

You can TWEET during the game @FarydMondragon is so awesome he is his own personal Wi-Fi HOT SPOT #UnionMyths #DOOP



About Section133

A Group for Supporters of the Philadelphia Union in PPL Park section 133. Our Purpose is to Defend Section 133 from the AWAY Supporters of ALL other MLS Clubs.
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