Exclusive “Interview” With Jared Pfeffer

Philadelphia is currently experiencing Pfeffer Phever… We decided to sit down with Younger Twin Jared Pfeffer and see what he is up to this year.

Zach & Jared Pfeffer

 What Team(s) do you currently play for? I currently play Varsity for Upper Dublin (My High School), and for FC Delco.

What Position(s) Do You Play? I am mainly an outside back, and can play either on the right or left… but I also play in the central back position for FC Delco. I even play a little holding center midfield for Upper Dublin which is quite fun.

Jersey Number? For both FC Delco and high school, I wear the #9.

Do you have a Nickname(s)? Most of my friends just call me Pfeffer or Phef. My best friend (besides my brother) is also a “Jared”, so people usually call me by anything other than my first name.

How long have you been playing soccer? I have been playing soccer for a long, long time… It has been the same amount of years as Zach, so I am going to say it has been since I was 5 years old…starting at the local YMCA.

What can we expect out of FC Delco this Season? Well with FC Delco, you can always expect every team of theirs to contend. It’s a great organization with great coaches and I think you’ll see some big things out of us this season.

Do you dream of one day going professional? If No, What would you like to do for a living after college? Umm… I don’t think professional soccer would be my first choice. I’m looking more towards a career in the business/finance area after college… hopefully I will  be attending Georgetown University someday.

Do you have a professional player (at your position) that you look up to? Well I have many professional players at my position that I greatly admire. One person without a doubt would be John Terry; I think he is a brilliant CB.

What has been your favorite moment of your playing career so far? I have had a lot of incredible soccer moments, but my best goal was in state cups, with YMS against Montgomery, off of Zach’s corner… I took the volley right out of the air and from the top right of the eighteen. I hit the left side netting, and I just remember being in a state of disbelief.

What was it like playing with your Brother? Playing with my brother is always an incredible experience. He definitely is one of the most creative players I have ever seen. He has the quickness and foot skills of a world class player and he makes anyone playing with him so much better. When Zach and I were on the same team, we always knew where each other were on the field, which made playing so much easier. He is really the main reason I have progressed as a player, always pushing me to do better and always giving me advice. I really miss playing with my brother on the same team .

Were you shocked that he got signed by the UNION at such a young age? Zach becoming a professional was something we always talked about and expected would eventually come, but you never expect things like this to happen so early. I would not say I was shocked though… Zach is a tremendously talented player and can play at the professional level so I am not surprised that the Union wanted him, just surprised it all happened so early, at age 15.

Zach "ZcLovin" Pfeffer


Jared is a very smart player and he reads the game very well. He mostly plays as an outside back. He is a physical player who likes to tackle and win the ball. Also, he is able to get involved in the attack and provide crosses into dangerous areas. He is a very good player and will only continue to improve.

– Zachary Pfeffer




Do you have a favorite memory of PPL Park from 2010? Well obviously my favorite PPL Park memory was seeing my brother play in his first MLS game!! It was awesome!! Besides that I would have to say my second favorite memory was the Union home opener. The atmosphere was electric and the game was incredible. It was awesome to see the Union win their first game!


Do you have anything to say to all the Union Supporters out there on the interwebs? Thanks for the interest and see you on March 26th! DOOP!!


About Section133

A Group for Supporters of the Philadelphia Union in PPL Park section 133. Our Purpose is to Defend Section 133 from the AWAY Supporters of ALL other MLS Clubs.
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One Response to Exclusive “Interview” With Jared Pfeffer

  1. brian says:

    hey i was lucky to coach both these kids for a long time and they not only great soccer players but more important awesome people and they come from a great family. There are no questions that both jared and zack will get to do all the things in life that they put their mind too.

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