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Hello 133 Season Ticket Holders and Friends – Many of you may know that last Thursday we met with the FO and Security heads. We wanted to focus on making our section a less targeted group, which we hope will decrease the amount of ejections in our section. We feel that the conversation was very positive and that both sides were on the same page at the end of the meeting. Here are a couple things that we discussed:

1) Point people – there will be a few people that will serve as “point people” in 133. This means that if someone is out of line either myself, Nick or Jeffrey will be notified. We will find out what that individual is doing and give them a heads up. Obviously, there will be no notification if there is a physical altercation. If that occurs, there will not be anything we can do.

2) What leads to an ejection? This was one of the issues that many people had problems with last year. Unfortunately there is nothing on paper that makes this cut and dry. The best way it can be explained is “if your involvement focuses on something other than the game”. This means if you are in a screaming match with an away supporter for 5 minutes then security feels you are not there to watch and game and hence poses a threat to others in the area. This DOES NOT mean we can’t have healthy banter with the other team’s fans – in 133 we expect it, but we want people to use common sense about it.

3) Standing/Flags/Etc – We were told we can not bring in flag poles and drums (which we already knew), although Tifo and other flags are allowed. When there is an away group behind us, we have the ability to stand and chant the whole game. When there are games where the away team does not bring a group, we need to use common sense. The FO will sell the tickets behind us to people the day of the game. YES – they will be told about our section when they purchase tickets either on-line or at the gate, but there will be some occasions that we will not be able to stand the entire time, we just need to use common sense and observe the people around us – Last year there were many games that most of the section stood the whole time. I expect that to be the case for many of our games this year. Everyone that bought season tickets in 133 was told about the atmosphere, so there should not be any surprises for people in our section.

4) Police issues – Security has very little authority in this matter. If either a police officer or security manager asks you to come down and speak with them, THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE BEING EJECTED. Do not argue with them and ask “why or what did I do?”. They do not want to have a conversation with you in the stands – many times they just want to tell you what they have a problem with. Arguing with them in the stands is what is likely to lead to an ejection. Obviously if you feel you are being treated unfairly, please let us know after the game and we will take your issue to the top. However, anything that happens with Chester PD it is out of our hands. The FO has very little discretion in this matter. If there is an incident and you feel you were treated unfairly, please let us know and we will do everything we can. However, when we play against the RedBulls on April 9th and there is close to 1000 people in 133 and 132 and a police officer is escorting someone downstairs, DO NOT address them – there is 20 of them and 1000 of us and they are already on edge. Yelling at them about why someone is being ejected is not going to be in your better interest.

Meeting with security was very high on our list this offseason. We feel that the meeting was great for relations and I think they see where we are coming from. This is a learning experience for us all and both sides think 2011 is going to only get better. We are looking forward to seeing everyone on March 26th – but don’t forget about the Charity Event at Kildares in Manayunk on March 19th for the Season Opener against Houston. Proceeds from the event will benefit Miles4MJ. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kenny Hanson
Section133 : The ILLEGITIMATES


About Section133

A Group for Supporters of the Philadelphia Union in PPL Park section 133. Our Purpose is to Defend Section 133 from the AWAY Supporters of ALL other MLS Clubs.
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One Response to A Word From KennyH

  1. Kenny Hanson says:

    The other thing I wanted to mention was that they were very clear that ejecting someone is the last thing they want to do – It is a lot of paperwork on their end and it is bad press. Plus the FO does not want to have to defend security, unlike our enjoyment of DEFENDING THE CORNER!

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